High Concentration Acne Repairing Set (Suitable for Acne Prone, Eczema Prone and Sensitive Skin)


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    Rapidly repair acne concerns and blocked pores to stabilize overall skin condition and reduce scars.

    Relieves the below symptoms

    Specially formulated for Hongkongers with skin problems

    • Instantly relieves the itchy, burning and swollen skin
    • Helps expedite the recovery of wounds and acne – reduces scars and pigmentations
    • Mildly reduce acnes to protect fragile skin
    • Non greasy and lightweight – suitable for Hongkongers
    • Continuously repairs to reduce the chance of recurrence
    • Natural ingredients and steroid-free

    Pair it with Cubed BFF Serum to further fade acne pigmentation.

    ☀️ Most our customers agree that they help regulate sebum production and tone-up skin, and reduce sudden and periodic skin problems
    ☀️100% of people have proven its effectiveness in relieving acne and inflammatory skin.*
    ☀️80% of people have proven its effectiveness in speeding up the wound’s recovery.*

    *The self assessment results of members of the focus group that had continuously used Cubed Spot Treatment for 1 week.

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