Cubed Soft and Dewy Set (antioxidant, uneven skin tone, pores, drylines)


The one that fits all!

Your unique skin type, even if you have super sensitive skin, is the last thing that you have to be worried about before getting this one because it simply suits whatever your skin type and concerns may be. The feather-like texture of the lotion and serum leaves radiance and glistens to your face. Use it 2 weeks in a row to gain the dewiness that you can see and the softness that you can feel.

Soft, lightweight, and zero burden

The combination of BFF Serum and Daily Lotion feeds your skin with rich nutrition and leaves zero burdens to it. Light and thin layer do it all!

The effectiveness will surprise you

Whenever you apply BFF serum, Vitamin C comes in with its powerful brightening effect and improves coarse skin, and gives your skin a refined texture. While hyaluronic acid fills the gaps between skin cells and gives you plump and supple skin. Daily Lotion immediately soothes agitated skin and strengthens the skin barrier. Organic calendula flower calms your irritations and fades scars and any pigmented spots. Lastly, let us introduce Vitamin P in grapefruit extract, one of the most intense antioxidant substances that will help you fight against any signs of aging.

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